My name is Vitaly and I am a professional photographer from a small southern city of Krasnodar, which is in the big country of Russia.

I have loved photography since childhood, I remember my grandfather’s Zorkiy-S camera, then a Kodak soapbox, Polaroid, heaps of film, all this was the accumulating effect to buy my own camera at 18.

I was shooting on film and even developing myself and printing under the light of a red lamp — it’s very unusual, photography became the main thing of my life. 

What I love most is shooting weddings. Weddings give me the opportunity to participate in the most important moments of people’s lives that were unknown to me a moment ago and to whom a moment later I can give an indelible memory to last a lifetime.

I shoot in a live, reportage style, so my photos convey the most important moments of your holiday, the emotions will not escape and will be in the frames that will delight you for years to come. 

I have a keen sense of the moment of the event and hope to experience amazing things, unique emotions, meet people with different points of view, reactions, and learn to find the strength to stand up and resist. 

I speak Russian and am already learning English. I would be happy to chat with you and take your dream shots!

About. Wedding Photo Editing color correction
About. Wedding Photo Editing color correction

P.O.V. in our field, this is in the eyes of the photographer, and you can also understand how we work subjectively.